New Canadian Dental Care Plan details announced

Yesterday, the Government of Canada provided an update on the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) and how dentists can process claims by CDCP recipients.

The following information is taken directly from . Please read the release for full details.

Direct billing on claim-by-claim basis

As of July 8, 2024, oral health providers will be able to direct bill Sun Life for services provided on a claim-by-claim basis without formally signing up for CDCP. This means providers can treat patients and submit CDCP claims to Sun Life for direct reimbursement, whether or not they choose to formally participate. This also means that CDCP clients can see any oral health provider they choose for their care, as long as the provider agrees to direct bill Sun Life for services provided under the plan.

Emergency care and preauthorization

There are no limitations on emergency examinations under the CDCP, and almost all services that could be done on an emergency basis do not need preauthorization. After November 2024 when preauthorization comes into effect, in rare cases where a service that would normally need preauthorization is needed on an emergency basis, providers can submit any needed minimal documentation after the fact.