Message from the President & Registrar, August 2023

Throughout the summer months, the RCDSO has been focused on improving resources for the profession. One of the objectives of our strategic plan is anticipating and responding proactively to emerging issues and trends that may impact the public interest. The work outlined below helps to achieve that.

In July we launched a user-friendly e-Portfolio platform designed to make it easier to securely record Continuing Education (CE) activities and store verification documents. We have provided an instructional video and user guide—and you can always reach out to . You can access your e-Portfolio through the Member Resource Centre.


As you are aware, the College rescinded its COVID-19 Guidance on July 19th after an analysis of trends and evidence. Dentists still have responsibilities with respect to COVID-19 and must ensure their practice meets Ontario’s standards for Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC). A summary of the changes is available here RCDSO_5447_Covid-19 Obligations for Ontario Dentists V2.pdf (


Consultation is about to close (August 25th) on the new draft Standard of Practice on Virtual Care (also known as “teledentistry”). The use of technology to deliver dental care remotely prompted questions regarding the legal, professional and ethical considerations when dentists provide virtual care. In response, RCDSO Council struck a Working Group to develop a Standard of Practice in 2019. Their initial work helped inform the development of RCDSO’s COVID-19: Guidance for the Use of Teledentistry in 2020.  The Working Group has now developed a new draft Standard of Practice on Virtual Care with the intention of replacing the COVID-19-specific guidance document. Tell us what you think by reviewing the draft Standard and FAQs  here Public Consultations (


Work continues on the emergency class of registration-- a new class of licensure – a term-limited emergency certificate of registration. The Ontario Ministry of Health is requiring all of Ontario’s 26 health regulatory colleges to develop a new emergency class certificate of registration and it is expected that the regulation will be approved at the end of August. The College and a Council Working Group are developing implementation plans to guide the profession should this class of registration be opened. We will keep the profession informed.  


We have welcomed an 11th public member of Council:  Nizar Ladak.  Mr. Ladak has been a CEO for digital research organizations; a leader in health care and a longstanding board member in the education, social services and health care sectors. Mr. Ladak was welcomed at our Council meeting of August 3rd, and will be serving as a member of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.


Thank you, as always, for the work you do for your patients every day.




Dr. Harinder Sandhu and Daniel Faulkner